What Is the Best Hedgehog Bedding?

What Is the Best Hedgehog Bedding?

Here we can see, “What Is the Best Hedgehog Bedding?”

Hedgehogs make unusual pets, but their fundamental care requirements are comparable to those of a guinea pig or rat. When it comes to putting up an enclosure for your hedgehog, you’ll see that there are many different bedding alternatives to pick from, some of which are better suited to hedgehogs than others. This list isn’t complete, but it does include a lot of common pet bedding options to help you decide what to get for your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs’ Paper Bedding Options

  • CareFresh Ultraby Healthy Pet – For a variety of reasons, this bedding is ideal for hedgehogs. It’s not only soft and absorbent, but it’s also dust-free and made from recycled paper. Furthermore, for those who prefer a splash of colour, this bedding is available in a number of vibrant hues. Hedgehogs enjoy curling up in this plush bedding in their cages, but there is a disadvantage. Because this bedding is so delicate and light, it gets stuck in a hedgehog’s spines, especially if it is wet from a bath.
  • Applegate Insulation’s Paper Shavings Animal Bedding – For a hedgehog, this is a wonderfully soft, absorbent, and cost-effective bed. It comes in blocks and grows into a massive amount of bedding that you can freely scatter over your hedgehog’s home. It’s created from recycled paper directories and other publishing business products, and it’s light enough to kick about. It’s possible that it, like other paper bedding, will get stuck between hedgehog spines.
  • Clean & Cozy by Kaytee – Clean & Cozy paper bedding is identical to CareFresh Ultra, but it’s a little less expensive, less absorbent, lighter, and softer. You may or may not prefer it to some of its competitors, depending on what you want from bedding. There are several more firms that provide a paper bedding product that is comparable to Kaytee’s.
  • Cell-Sorb Plus by Estes’ Co. – When wet, this is a compacted paper bedding material that expands. It is extremely absorbent but not particularly soft. This type of bedding is preferred by some pet businesses and owners since it is not as light as fluffy, soft paper bedding.
  • Fresh World Bedding by SunSeed – Fresh World is soft, fluffy bedding made out of recycled newspapers. Baking soda is added to help keep smells away.
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Wood Bedding Options for Hedgehogs

  • Kaytee Soft Granule Blend – This wood fibre bedding is characterised by small pellets. They absorb a lot of moisture and are softer than other woods.
  • Aspen shavings – Aspen is a light-colored wood with a delicate grain. Many owners appreciate the absorbency and aroma it provides, as well as the low cost. Aspen’s drawbacks are its dustiness and the fact that it sticks to everything, including your hedgehog’s blankets. If you’re in a rush for cash, aspen is a better option than other wood shavings.
  • Pine shavings – This is a traditional little pet bed, although it is not suitable for most small animals. The wood shavings aren’t particularly absorbent, and there’s some concern that the pine oil will harm your hedgehog’s health and may even sever their tiny, fragile feet. It’s recommended to stay away from this type of wood entirely.

Fabric Bedding Options for Hedgehogs

Because hedgehogs like to hide, many hedgehog owners buy fleece, pillowcases, or towels to place in their cages. Fabrics not only absorb liquids, but they can also be washed and reused, and they come in virtually any colour or pattern. Fabric parts, which provide some protection from the spiky spines, are also popular for helping you handle your hedgehog.

Corn Cob Bedding

This bedding absorbs liquids and is economical, but it doesn’t provide much for odour control, isn’t as soft as some other options, and mould growth must be checked. Hedgehog dwellings are not advised to use them.

There will continue to be a plethora of bedding options available, but you’ll find the perfect one for you and your hedgehog by trying out a few. Make a list of the things that are most important to you. What is the most important factor to you: cost, absorbency, odour, or availability? Then try a few comparable items, keeping in mind to observe what your hedgehog prefers. They’ll be the ones who devote more time to it than you do!

User Questions

What is the best bedding for lining the bottom of a hedgehog’s cage?

Hedgehog cage liners are a must-have for hedgehog cages. They’re mat-like things that line the cage’s bottom. They’re made out of a variety of fabrics. The most common material used by hedgehog owners is fleece, but cotton and wool liners are also popular.

What bedding is bad for hedgehogs?

Is it necessary for my pet hedgehog to have bedding material in his cage? Fine bedding can be made from shredded paper, newspaper, recycled pelleted or absorbable material, or wood shavings (such as aspen or pine). Corncobs, dusty shavings, and cedar shavings can irritate the skin.

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Can hedgehogs use a litter box?

These little creatures are more intelligent than most people realise, and effectively toilet training them can make your job a lot easier! While expecting a 100% success rate is unrealistic, a good number of hedgehogs can be trained to use a litter box if done correctly.

Do hedgehogs need baths?

Most hedgehogs will only require a bath once a month or less. Hedgehogs get the most dirty by treading in their droppings. Therefore, clean their cage often, once a week or less if necessary, to avoid unnecessary baths.

Do hedgehogs need heat lamps?

Most hedgehog owners are aware of the need to keep their pets warm. They also understand that purchasing a heating lamp or heating pad before bringing their new pet home should be a top priority.


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