What Kind of Toys Can My Ferret Play With?

What Kind of Toys Can My Ferret Play With?

Here we can see, “What Kind of Toys Can My Ferret Play With?”

Ferrets are entertaining pets that never stop amusing you with their antics. Keeping your ferret occupied and happy can be as simple as providing a range of engaging and safe toys. Ferrets will play with nearly anything, so it’s crucial to choose toys that are both durable and safe for your pet.

When it comes to toys, one of the most serious threats to your ferret is swallowing chunks or portions of them. Make sure any toys they have are ferret-safe, and inspect toys for wear or loose pieces on a regular basis, discarding any that are falling apart. It’s not worth it to take chances.

Ferret Toys That Are Both Fun and Safe:

  • Toys made of hard, durable plastic (e.g., some cat toys)
  • balls made of hard plastic. Balls that include bells or other noisemakers inside are popular. Ferrets also enjoy carrying soft fleece balls around with them.
  • Large ferret balls with holes for the ferret to get inside and out of.
  • Paper bags and cardboard boxes
  • PVC pipes or ferret tubes from a store are always a tremendous hit.
  • Ferrets like hanging parrot toys (typically made of wood, thick ropes, bells, etc.) to be entertaining and amusing. Toys with ropes or other long hanging parts should only be used under supervision owing to the risk of strangling.
  • Rattles, teething rings, and other small hard plastic toys for human babies
  • Small soft or stuffed toys, especially those with squeakers or other noise makers (avoid toys with the squeaker visible or exposed, since ferrets are adept at biting them out and they can cause blockages if swallowed—the same goes for stuffing in toys that have been ripped open).
  • Soft cotton bags can be used to hide and sleep, and some even have a layer of crinkly material inside that ferrets love.
  • Tents or dwellings can be used as playthings.
  • Ferrets enjoy playing in and sleeping in hanging tubes (they love hammocks too).
  • Dangling toys, similar to those marketed for cats—but only used under supervision to avoid the ferret being tangled.
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Types of Toys to Avoid

Soft rubber or latex toys (like most squeaky dog toys) should be avoided since they are too simple for ferrets to chew up and ingest. Also, stay away from anything with small, easily broken parts (or that can be chewed off).

Also, keep an eye out for symptoms of breakage (or loose threads in the case of fabric toys) and throw away any object that could create difficulties.

Providing a diverse selection of toys and rotating the toys and accessories in the cage will help keep your ferrets’ lives interesting and enjoyable. Of course, that won’t stop them from stealing your belongings and hiding them from you in order to uncover their own riches. But if you keep them busy with fun things to do, your things might not be as appealing.

User Questions

Can ferrets play with baby toys?

Rattles and teething rings, which are designed for human babies, should withstand a thorough ferret inquiry. To wrestle and tumble around with, little soft toys (with squeakers or noise makers safely enclosed within) are a lot of fun.

Can ferrets play with stuffed animals?

Most ferrets prefer small, soft, and fluffy toys. A mouse toy or a long-haired plush animal, for example, is ideal for them to munch on while dragging around the house or sleeping in their cage at night. Ferrets adore small tunnels through which they can run!

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Do ferrets need chew sticks?

Ferrets will nibble on whatever they can find in the house. They enjoy chasing objects, and their favourites are hard balls with bells. Ball pits for them or a toy box filled with old socks are fantastic ways to keep them active without destroying your furniture.

Do ferrets like to play with balls?

Ferrets enjoy chasing little balls around. Get a tennis ball, racquet ball, or ping-pong ball for your ferret at your local sports store, toy store, or online. You might even have one laying around the house for your ferret to use.

Can ferrets play with plastic bags?

Ferrets can have a lot of fun with a box full of plastic bags. They like to sleep in them as well. Throw many bags into the air, and the ferrets will jump up and grab them as they float down.


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