What Kinds of Hamster Toys Do They Enjoy?

What Kinds of Hamster Toys Do They Enjoy?

Here we can see, “What Kinds of Hamster Toys Do They Enjoy?”

Dwarf and Syrian hamsters are both active animals. They require a wide range of toys and other stuff to allow them to exercise, explore, and play. While they enjoy time outside the cage to explore in a hamster-safe environment, there are numerous activities you can do within the cage to provide exercise.

Wheels and Balls for Hamsters

A hamster wheel is beneficial to most hamsters, and your hamster’s cage should have one. However, to reduce the danger of injury, make sure the wheel is the correct size and attempt to buy a solid surface wheel. Run-Abouts are clear plastic balls (there are numerous varieties available) that you can place your hamster in and let them run around on the floor without worrying about them getting away from you. Wheels and Run-Abouts are excellent ways to ensure that your hamster receives adequate exercise.

Hamster Chewing Toys

Hamsters require a steady supply of things and toys to nibble on to keep their constantly developing teeth in good shape. Wooden pet chew toys are an excellent option. Wood objects not purchased from a pet store (avoid cedar and other evergreen woods) should be pesticide- and chemical-free. If you are unsure whether a particular type of wood is suitable, it is typically best to stick with pet-friendly materials. Pesticide-free fruit tree branches from your backyard and untreated wooden blocks or forms are suitable for your hamster. Willow balls, rings, and tunnels are also sold for rabbits, although the smaller sizes are ideal for hamsters.

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Aside from wood chews, cardboard might be offered for chewing (and hiding). Hamsters also enjoy cardboard tubes made from paper towels and toilet paper rolls, and there are also commercial tubes that are a little sturdier and considered safe to chew on.

Hamster Climbing and Housing Options

Climbers and houses/huts for hamsters and other tiny rodents are available. Hamsters love wood ladders and climbing blocks. Look in the bird section if you can’t find wood ladders in your pet store’s hamster department.

You may also build ramps and climbing structures from hardwood dowels and wood. Huts and dwellings can also be made out of coconut shells. Organic ropes (hemp, sisal, and cotton) can also be used to build hamster cage hanging toys, walkways, and bridges. When it comes to hanging toys and ropes, extreme vigilance is required—use larger rope sizes and make sure your hamster (head, torso, legs, or toenails) cannot become entangled in any ropes used to hang anything or use them only under close supervision.

Plastic Toys for Hamsters

When it comes to plastic, extreme caution is required. Most hamsters enjoy chewing on plastic tunnels, tubes, and other play structures, which can cause difficulties. In addition, some plastic toys degrade quickly, and if your hamster swallows plastic bits while chewing, this is a major worry. Therefore, when you offer plastic items, keep an eye on them and trash them if your hamster chews on them excessively.

Hamsters Sand and Digging Possibilities

You may keep your hamster’s coat in good condition by providing a bowl of chinchilla dust bath or fine sand in which it can roll. Furthermore, most hamsters enjoy digging, so offering a larger box of sand or sterilised soil large enough for the hamster to burrow in is a nice gift.

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Hamster Mineral Blocks and Pumice Stones

It is not essential to use mineral blocks or pumice stones. If your hamster gnaws on them, it can help maintain their teeth healthy however they are very hard, and many hamsters will not utilise them. A selection of natural wood chew products is a better choice (and necessary minerals should be provided via the diet).

User Questions

Do hamsters enjoy rolling around in a ball?

Exercise balls are frequently shown in images of hamsters. However, it is a popular myth that hamsters enjoy and flourish in hamster balls and are a safe type of enrichment. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

What kinds of toys do hamsters play with?

Hamster toys manufactured at home can range from homemade chews to houses and ladders. Cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, wooden popsicle sticks, and non-toxic glue are the greatest building materials.

Do hamsters enjoy riding on wheels?

A hamster wheel is an excellent form of exercise, and most hamsters enjoy it. Hamsters in the wild can travel up to five kilometres per night in search of food. It is a means for the pet hamster to run and exercise within the limits of its habitat.

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Do hamsters enjoy the dark?

Hamsters feed and exercise primarily at night. The darkness energises them and prepares them to face their “days.” As a result, hamsters require that the lights be turned off at night.

Do hamsters have periods?

When a female hamster reaches reproductive maturity, she is completely capable of mating and bearing babies. While mature female hamsters do not menstruate, they go through “heat” or “estrus” cycles every few days. Therefore, if you observe your pet bleeding, you should immediately take them to the veterinarian.


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