What Should You Feed Your Pet Gerbil?

What Should You Feed Your Pet Gerbil?

Here we can see, “What Should You Feed Your Pet Gerbil?”

These friendly, amusing, and endearing rodents are excellent companions for children learning to care for pets. However, giving your gerbil the proper nutrients is critical to ensuring that they live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Feeding Your Gerbil in a Variety of Ways

Seed Mixes

These are loose seed combinations that may include pellets or dried vegetables and fruits. The majority of these will be nutritionally balanced, but only if your gerbil consumes all of the ingredients. Unfortunately, many gerbils may select their favorite things and leave the remainder of the mixture in their bowl, which might result in a dietary imbalance if your gerbils frequently avoid specific components. This is especially true if there are a lot of sunflower seeds in the mix (which are popular with gerbils but are somewhat fatty) and aren’t a balanced meal on their own. Loose seed combinations aren’t suitable for your gerbil’s leading food because they don’t provide a complete and balanced diet until all of the contents are consumed.

Pellets and Lab Blocks

The advantage of these gerbil diets is that they are nutritionally balanced. Pellets are tiny pellets, while lab blocks are more significant food bits that look like small biscuits. Both are good choices, but some people say the lab blocks are the best because of the extensive scientific research that has gone into them. The gerbils can’t choose which parts of the diet they want to consume like they can with loose combinations, so the blocks and pellets ensure a balanced diet in every bite. On the other hand, this type of diet provides little diversity and enrichment. As a result, while pellets and lab blocks provide an excellent core diet, it’s still a good idea to supplement with additional meals for mental health.

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What Is the Best Gerbil Food?

The disadvantages of different diets can be mitigated by feeding pet gerbils a combination of foods. A pelleted or lab block diet can provide a well-balanced meal for your gerbil, while loose seed mix and other goodies give variety and interest. Before offering your gerbil the seed combination or other treats, ensure they’ve consumed enough pellets or lab blocks to reap the nutritional benefits. Avoiding sunflower seed combinations altogether and saving them for special treats can be beneficial in taming and training your pet gerbil.

Gerbils Favorite Treats

  • Fruits and vegetables are popular among gerbils. Start with tiny amounts of fresh veggies or fruits to avoid diarrhea from overeating at once. Ensure that all veggies and fruits have been thoroughly washed and are free of pesticides. Carrots, broccoli, dandelion greens, apples, and berries are good options. Raw kidney beans, raw potato, onion, potato leaves, and rhubarb leaves should be avoided.
  • Nuts can be served, but do it in moderation because they are heavy in fat.
  • Because sunflower and pumpkin seeds are heavy in fat, they should be used sparingly.
  • Plain or toasted whole-grain bread can be served.
  • Gerbils frequently choose unsweetened morning cereal as a favorite treat.
  • Give them currants and raisins.
  • Serve little pieces of cheese to them.
  • Small amounts of scrambled or cooked eggs can be served.
  • Try giving your gerbil mealworms once in a while.
  • To keep their teeth filed, some gerbils prefer gnawing on little dog biscuits (without meat) (because, just like a hamster, their teeth are continuously growing).

How to Feed Your Gerbil

Your best chance for feeding your gerbil is to use a solid ceramic crock that they won’t be able to gnaw or tip over. Place the lab blocks or pelleted diet in the dish and, if preferred, a spoonful of seed mixture. Once you’ve got a sense of how much your gerbil eats, feed them an amount that they’ll finish in 24 hours (but not too little), and remove any uneaten food before feeding them again in case it’s damp or soiled. Establish a feeding schedule for your gerbils to be fed at roughly the same time each day (the evening works well).

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Treats should be fed in a separate bowl and removed after a couple of hours if not consumed to avoid spoiling. Alternatively, you can hand-feed snacks. This is an excellent method for gaining your gerbil’s trust, taming them, and providing training and enrichment.

Do Gerbils Need Fresh Water?

Gerbils do not require a lot of water because they originate from Mongolia, which has a dry climate. Despite this, don’t make the mistake of dismissing the importance of water. Make sure your gerbil has a sipper bottle full of fresh, clean water.

User Questions

How much should I feed my gerbils?

Fill the bowl to about a third of the way complete. The digestive motility of gerbils necessitates a high-fiber diet. Oxbow’s Healthy Handfuls is our favorite food brand. Fresh fruit and vegetables (apples or carrots) should be fed to gerbils twice a week.

How many times a day should I feed my gerbil?

Gerbils must be fed daily to stay alive. However, you should avoid feeding them high-fat or high-sugar items (such as fruit, nuts, and seeds) daily, as Gerbils can quickly become obese. Your gerbils may also have a habit of hoarding their food.

Do gerbils eat fruit?

Fruit (pear, melon, apple, oranges) and vegetables (cucumber, carrot, pumpkin, and fennel) can augment your gerbils’ food pellets to provide variety. Pumpkin seeds are a nutritious snack. Gerbils enjoy sitting up and chewing on food pieces.

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What is a gerbil’s favorite treat?

Small amounts of dried banana, pumpkin seeds, nuts, millet (the kind sold for budgies and other birds), crispy vegetables like raw broccoli and carrots, small amounts of fruit, such as apples and grapes (but break the skin so the gerbil can see the moist interior), alfalfa, and hay will be enjoyed by gerbils.

Do gerbils enjoy being pets?

Gerbils are friendly pets who exhibit affection for their fellow gerbils and humans. Petting, holding, and snuggling your gerbil are all ways to demonstrate affection. A fundamental kind of affection, such as being petted or held, will appeal to most gerbils. You can even snuggle certain gerbils for a short period.


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