What You Should Know Before Getting a Guinea Pig as a Pet

What You Should Know Before Getting a Guinea Pig as a Pet

Here we can see, “What You Should Know Before Getting a Guinea Pig as a Pet”

Guinea pigs may make wonderful pets, but there are a few things you should be aware of before adopting such a large commitment. Here are some things to think about before getting a guinea pig as a pet, ranging from the projected lifetime to the social character of guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs Require a Long-Term Commitment

A guinea pig may not live as long as a cat or dog, but they require a significant time investment. On the other hand, Guinea pigs live for five to seven years, maybe longer, so be prepared to provide long-term care.

Guinea Pigs are Social Animals

Guinea pigs are very social animals who thrive in environments with other guinea pigs. Keep a same-sex couple to avoid having an unwanted litter. Males and females can be maintained together without any problems. Be advised that certain guinea pigs may not get along due to animal personality variances. The best way to get a pair to bond is to introduce them as babies, though adults can usually be introduced with caution.

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Guinea Pigs Require a Big Cage

Guinea pigs require a lot of floor area, and most guinea pig cages on the market are far too small, especially for a pair. Making a DIY cage, on the other hand, is fairly simple, and because guinea pigs are a nice size and are not escape artists, a homemade cage is a perfect solution.

Guinea Pigs Can Be Quiet at Times

Guinea pigs make a characteristic wheeking or whistling sound, usually in anticipation of a favorite food or when they need some attention. A wheeking guinea pig can be quite noisy, even if it is not loud enough to irritate the neighbors. Therefore, a guinea pig may not be the best choice if you want an animal whose vocals will never disrupt a dinner party or afternoon sleep.

Guinea Pigs are Often Simple to Train

While guinea pigs may be timid at first, they normally become tame quickly with continuous careful handling. Of course, children should be supervised when touching them, but they are unlikely to bite even when stressed.

Vitamin C is Required for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the few animals (together with humans) that cannot produce vitamin C and must obtain it from their diet. Of course, a good quality diet and a variety of fresh foods and roughage are essential, but most owners also give their animals a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C tablets are a superior supplement to put vitamin C in your pet’s water.

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Guinea Pigs are Frequently Available in Animal Shelters

Before you go out and buy a guinea pig, look for guinea pigs in need of a new home at your local shelters or rescues. Many guinea pigs end up in shelters and need a second chance at finding a forever home. Shelter guinea pigs are often friendly and simple to get along with. It should be simple to form a bond with an older guinea pig.

User Questions

Is keeping guinea pigs cruel?

Humans can be seen as vital companions by guinea pigs who live indoors. If you must keep your guinea pig alone, you must provide companionship by interacting with them daily. Guinea pigs can acquire odd behavior and suffer if left alone for extended periods with nothing to do.

Is a guinea pig an appropriate first pet?

They have distinct personalities and are quite loud, making it easy to identify and become attached. They’re a lot of fun to play with and keep you entertained. I advocate guinea pigs as pets for anyone, especially as a child’s first pet.

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Do guinea pigs enjoy being held?

Guinea pigs are gregarious creatures who like human interaction, such as touching, stroking, and playing. However, you must learn how to handle your guinea pig properly to avoid injury. It is not uncommon for guinea pigs to be wary of their owners.

Are guinea pigs obnoxious?

A guinea pig may be as noisy as any other animal if she wants to be. It’s just not in her nature to be too loud.

Are guinea pigs odorous?

No, guinea pigs are clean little beasts who manicure themselves regularly. They may have a faint odor, but they should never be excessive or unpleasant.


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