Why Do Cats Gaze at Walls?

Why Do Cats Gaze at Walls?

Here we can see, “Why Do Cats Gaze at Walls?”

Cats are capable of weird behavior, as any cat owner knows, but this is part of what makes us love them so much! These odd and unexplained activities make cats so lovable, from resting in uncomfortable positions in questionable places to climbing the seemingly unclimbable.

You may have seen your cat looking at a wall for no reason, which is strange behavior. Most people are alarmed or scared by this behavior, but there are legitimate explanations for your cat’s behavior – and no, it’s not a ghost! Continue reading to learn five reasons why your cat might be looking at the wall.

Cat’s ears are extremely sensitive

Your cat may be hearing something that we can’t see with our own eyes. Cats have excellent hearing, and while their low-frequency hearing is about the same as humans, cats can hear high-pitched sounds 1.6 octaves higher! We can’t hear these sounds and aren’t even aware of existing.

This could be anything from rattling pipes to electrical noises to insects or rodents inside the walls. It’s also possible that the sounds are coming from the opposite side of the border, such as neighbors conversing or cars driving. They could simply be hearing something you aren’t and staring at the wall to figure out where the sound is coming from.

Cats have excellent vision

Cats may not be able to see as many color variations as humans, but they have a great sense of sight that is significantly superior to ours in low light and darkness. Cats have a reflecting layer behind their retina that allows them to see with about a sixth of the light required by humans. They also have a little more extensive field of view than we have, at 200 degrees versus 180 degrees, allowing them to see more of the world around them.

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Cats may quickly observe things that we don’t notice because of their incredibly acute eyes. Small insects, light reflections, and shifting shadows are examples of this, some of which we may not be able to perceive at all. Your cat may be detecting movement on the wall that you aren’t aware of.


Cats are great hunters with a lot of patience for tracking down and stalking their prey, as any cat owner knows. Before striking, cats will often sit immobile for long periods looking at their prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. This could explain why they’re staring at the wall – they’re merely waiting for the right opportunity to strike while on the prowl for anything.

In the wild, waiting until a cat is hungry before hunting puts them at risk of famine; thus, they will generally accept any opportunity for food that comes their way, regardless of hunger. Cats will consume a moth, beetle, or lizard, and these critters are frequently observed scurrying around on walls.

Medical problems

In some circumstances, your cat’s staring at the wall could signify a medical problem. This is especially true for an older cat, as feline dementia or feline cognitive dysfunction are common in elderly cats. This illness causes cats to get easily confused, and they may simply be staring at the wall in a daydream-like mood.

Feline hyperesthesia is another medical concern. The illness has only recently been identified, and veterinarians are unsure exactly what causes it. However, it is most likely related to stress or worry. Cats can change from intense grooming, loud meowing, and dilated pupils to blankly and calmly staring at the wall due to this disorder. If your cat is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you should take them to the doctor for a checkup.

Cats are strange creatures

Cats are just mysterious creatures, and much of their behavior is unfathomable. When cats are trying to figure things out, they are known to freeze, and they may appear to be staring at the wall but are deep in feline thought. Cats are also curious animals, and a scent or sound that a dog might glance at for a few seconds can occupy a cat’s attention for hours! All cat enthusiasts know that cats are capable of weird behavior, and looking at the wall could be for one of the reasons listed above or something entirely else.

User Questions

What’s the deal with my cat hissing at the wall?

Cats hiss at the wall because they’ve discovered a bug or pest. Cats sometimes appear to be playing games with themselves, as if everything they’re chasing or doing is part of something that only exists in their heads and not in reality.

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Do cats have a habit of staring at walls?

Cats stare at walls for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, they just noticed or heard something we didn’t, and they’re keeping an eye on it or attempting to figure out what it is. If you feel your pet is ill, contact your veterinarian right away.

Why do cats stare at walls so intently?

Long durations of staring at the wall could indicate that your cat is attempting to figure out what’s going on with a minor movement or sound it hears. They would focus on their prey and stalk it attentively, sometimes for hours, if they had spotted a tiny spider or mouse in the wall.

Why is my cat attacking the wall?

Insufficiently stimulated cats may grow sad or aggressive. Bored cats may overeat, groom themselves incessantly, attack your furniture, or mope around the home. On the other hand, staring at walls is not a sign of low stimulation.

Why does my cat meow at the wall at night?

Walls stimulate the Senses. Staring at a wall sounds like the most uninteresting activity imaginable – even less so than watching paint dry. Your cat appears to be staring and meowing at nothing for no apparent reason.


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