Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Here we can see, “Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot”

Because of its famed chatting abilities and widespread availability, the yellow-naped Amazon is one of the most popularly kept Amazons. They’re popular pets, but they have their quirks and eccentricities, just like any other bird — crucial things to consider when looking for a long-lived companion like an Amazon.

The yellow-naped Amazon is a large green bird with a black beak and a brilliant yellow patch on its nape (the back of its neck). This bird has a few small yellow feathers on the head and around the neck, but it is primarily a shimmering green. The tail is short, with a reddish and dark green stripe running down the centre of the underside. Amazons are excellent flyers in the wild, but in captivity, they become lethargic and overweight – they have big breasts that will become even larger as they become lazier! There’s a blue mutant with a white spot on the nape of the neck instead of yellow — this bird is the colour of the bluest summer sky, a stunning sight — and you can purchase one for only $30,000 – they’re extremely rare!

User Questions

Are yellow-naped Amazons loud?

While not the noisiest of Amazons, Yellow napes have their moments — they employ their parrot-voices on occasion, but they are loud! Yellow-napes are coveted for their capacity to converse, and no other Amazon can match them in terms of volume and voice quality.

Why do Amazon parrots have a distinct odour?

No, Amazon parrots do not smell, but they may smell terrible or have a bird odour due to hormonal fluctuations, poor cleanliness, illness, or inadequate food. This bird species prefers to keep themselves moisturised by bathing in lakes frequently, which is why they don’t have a pungent stench.

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What is the price of a yellow-naped Amazon parrot?

A breeder can charge anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 for one.

What is the lifespan of a yellow-naped Amazon parrot?

60-80 years

What is the size of a yellow-naped Amazon parrot?


15-17 inches


480-680 grams

What colour are yellow-naped Amazon parrots?

Bright green colour

Is it true that Amazon parrots are cuddly?

When kept as pets, they are affectionate and build close ties with their owners. They are an excellent alternative for bird owners who desire a considerable parrot but want a bird with a more laid-back attitude due to their friendly disposition.

Are Amazon parrots suitable for novices?

Yes, Amazon parrots are an excellent choice for newcomers! Amazon parrots are gregarious and outgoing creatures. They enjoy playing and being noticed. On the other hand, amazons are medium to large birds with a powerful bite that can intimidate inexperienced bird handlers, resulting in more significant behaviour issues.

Are Amazon parrots obnoxious?

Hormonal Violence: Amazon parrots are also renowned for going through a “hormonal” phase of aggression. This stage often occurs between the ages of 5 and 12. They are likely to be quite aggressive during this phase for one to two years.

What is the appearance of a yellow-naped Amazon?

The yellow-naped Amazon is a large green bird with a black beak and a brilliant yellow patch on its nape (the back of its neck). This bird has a few small yellow feathers on the head and around the neck, but it is primarily a shimmering green.

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What is the intelligence of a yellow-naped Amazon parrot?

Like many Amazon parrot species, yellow-naped parrots are highly clever and gregarious. They like to rest and sleep in larger groupings since it provides more security. Hundreds of birds congregate in their favourite roosting locations, creating a glistening green-and-yellow mass among the branches.

Do yellow-naped Amazon parrots make good pets?

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are bright birds who make ideal pets for anyone who wants to build a strong bond with their pet. They are one of the most popular Amazon parrot species due to their outstanding speaking ability.

Is it illegal to own an Amazon parrot?

To safeguard natural populations, the United States and the European Union have made the collection of wild parrots for the pet trade illegal.


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