York Chocolate

York Chocolate

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York Chocolate cats are calm, friendly, clever, curious, and active. They can be bashful at times, but they are also very gregarious, and they have a particular fascination with water. They are also devoted to you and will happily accompany you around the house.

These cats are known for being friendly, but they also adore hugs and cuddles, and they will gladly sit in a warm lap. They seek attention and spend as much time as possible with their owners. These felines will meet you when you return home and purr happily to connect with you.

Other pets and children of all ages will get along swimmingly with the York Chocolate. You should spend time with your cat rather than letting him play with his toys alone because these cats love many playtimes that include interaction with other pets and their human family. This breed, with a strong hunting instinct, responds best to moving toys and interactive play.

User Questions

What is the best way to tell whether my cat is a York Chocolate?

General. The ideal York Chocolate is a vibrant chocolate brown or shiny lavender with a glossy sheen and a coat that flows over body lines emphasizing graceful, supple body movement.

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What is the price of a York Chocolate cat?

York Chocolate Cat cats range in price from $600 to $1000.

Is the York Chocolate cat no longer alive?

By 2016, there was no registry for the breed, no breeder websites, and the species was deemed defunct. Although similar-looking random-bred cats can be found nowadays, they are not York Chocolate cats because they lack pedigree papers.

What is the average lifespan of York Chocolate cats?

13–15 years

What is the maximum size of a York Chocolate cat?


8-10 inches


Male: 14 – 18 pounds

Female: 12 – 16 pounds

York Chocolate cats come in a variety of colors.

Chocolate brown

What is the name of a chocolate cat?

The fluffy, long-haired York Chocolate has a lovely chocolate-brown coat, with lavender thrown in sometimes. They are highly amiable, even-tempered cats who are lively while remaining dedicated and caring to their owners.

What is the best way to breed chocolate cats?

Cinnamon kittens are expected to result from matings between two cinnamon carriers. Cats with the b/b genotype will be chocolate, and their offspring will inherit this chocolate trait. Cats with the b/bl genotype are chocolate and cinnamon carriers.

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Do you have any chocolate-colored cats?

Look no farther than the Havana Brown breed to find out why this color is called chocolate. The “chocolate” color is caused by a genetic mutation in the Black gene, which causes the black to dilute and turn into this lovely chocolate color. This breed is one of the few with a “genuine chocolate” coat color.


York Chocolates are generally healthy cats, but you should still plan regular wellness appointments with your cat’s veterinarian.

The York Chocolate does not have any breed-specific health issues, but keep a watch out for symptoms that your cat is in trouble or pain.


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